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    Well this is a step in the right direction...

    Dear Bikeability Scheme,

    New Bikeability Plus Delivery Guide

    We are pleased to announce that the new Bikeability Plus Delivery Guide is now available on the Bikeability website at: https://professionals.bikeability.org.uk­/course-management/

    The Guide provides guidance and practical advice to schemes and instructors for delivering all ten Bikeability Plus modules, plus essential information on monitoring etc. It replaces the previously separate Bikeability Plus module descriptions, bringing everything together into one comprehensive document. We are grateful to TABS and Bikeability schemes for their support in developing this material.

    In addition, various supporting information and documents (such as sample letters for parents, schools etc.) are also now available via the same page of the website. Schemes are not required to use these documents in their delivery, but they should provide schemes (especially those that are new to Bikeability Plus) with a useful starting point for the documents they will need to deliver the modules.

    Award materials have been created for specific modules (certificates for Bikeability Balance, Bikeability Fix and Bikeability Learn to Ride, and stickers for Bikeability Balance) which schemes should use in their delivery. These will be available to purchase soon from the online shop - we will let schemes know when these are ready to order.

    Thank you,

    The Bikeability Team

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    ...and STILL none of the resources are anywhere to be found on the Bikeability professionals site, STILL the stickers, badges, certificates etc are not available to order from the shop on the same site. How can I produce a budget when I don't know how much these are to buy and how can I make sure I am delivering to the appropriate standard when none of the resources referenced in the module guides are available? 7 months we've been waiting going by the note on my post above!

    Also the monitoring site is not yet available for the Sep 16 - Apr 17 part of this financial year, so I don't know what monitoring information is going to be requested for all these new modules. Hopefully our in-house monitoring will have all of the data that is going to be needed but it would be nice to know sooner rather than later so I don't end up going back to schools for more info several months after delivery and frankly looking completely unprofessional.

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    Absolutely agree with your decision on this. We try to encourage schools to let us know in advance if they have children in the group with special requirements. All too often the information is not forthcoming until we turn up on the day to deliver. These children should attract Pupil Premium funding so it's worth suggesting that the school could use some of this to put some extra resource into the training. An extra instructor or two so that they can work in smaller groups, or perhaps an additional one to one session in advance of the main training date? Ultimately though it the child simply doesn't understand the dangers on the road or isn't capable of making safe decisions, then sending them home with a certificate that says they do is asking for trouble, and potentially even legal action from a parent should the worst happen. How a headteacher cannot see this is beyond me to be honest.

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    Yes I have to agree with the points made here. The freezing of the funding was bad enough given increasing school rolls, so taking away 10% of the L1-L2 funding is not a good news story. We're just being asked to do more with the same money.

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    Hooray!! They've finally been published. However the Balance module (I've not looked at the rest of them yet), makes reference to the following list of resources:

    Resources for Schemes • Bikeability Balance Information for Schools •
    Bikeability Balance Information for Parents • Bikeability Balance
    Delivery Tips - skills and game instructions • Bikeability Balance
    Register template – for schools to add children’s names and any
    additional needs, and also add session times, useful as session times
    may vary between schools • Bikeability Balance Stickers and

    I can't find these anywhere on the site. Can anyone point me in the right direction or give an idea when they are likely to be published?


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    Hi Dean. We've had good uptake from schools prepared to pay for Balance Bike training. Though it maybe makes it easy for us that we are already charging schools for a full package of coaching, competitions etc as a School Sports Partnership, so it's just an "add-on" to their bill. Also there are only so many activities that schools can buy in for Foundation stage pupils, so this helps them to demonstrate that their spending is spread more evenly across the age groups.

    We do occasionally get direct bookings from parents looking for us to teach their youngsters to ride, where they have struggled to teach them themselves. Generally these are referred to us by the schools. We've never had a parent quibble over our fee for this, but then this is people who are proactively looking for training.

    Chorley SSP

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    Just in case anyone is reading this I've spoken to someone "in the know". That £20m figure was inflated by a couple of factors for the specific financial year and the £50m over 4 years IS effectively a continuation of current funding levels.

    So apologies for scaremongering unnecessarily!