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  • Hi Phil,
    We advise our instructors when a rider is having their first go at riding a turn to stop at the correct position, be it a left in, out or right turns even if their is not another vehicle passing.
    We beleive by doing this for the first turn the rider then knows exactly were they need to stop if a vehicle was passing. This also ensures the instructor knows, that the rider has taken in the explanation and demo and understands the correct stopping position.
    For future turns we then ask the rider to treat the junction as live and only give way if needed to.
    We were picked up on this during our QA visit and told we must not simulate. But we would rather be safe and have the knowledge that both rider and instructor know what to do and expect. If ever there was a case when a cyclist was hit after not being shown were to stop and was injured during a Bikeability session, I would not like to be the instructor/scheme involved in this.
    Good question though and I bet differing opions will now come forward. Remember though, once the instructor is happy the rider knows the correct stopping position, we then treat the junction as live. You could possibly use other riders to simulate traffic if really quiet.


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