• We have always operated an inclusion policy with regards to SEN, but today we received a complaint from a head teacher. The head thinks we should award a level 2 certificate and badge regardless of outcomes met to kids with SEN just to keep them happy and so that they don't feel different when they get a level 1 badge instead of a level 2.
    It was explained that we judge everyone the same and plenty of kids don't meet level 2 outcomes and get a level 1 badge and if we make a exception then the level 2 award becomes meaningless and parents might mistakenly think their child is capable of riding safely on the road.
    The head was angry and accused us of not being inclusive and that SEN's should meet a different criteria for training to get the award.
    Just wondering if other schemes have had experiences like this? What's everyone's opinion should children with special needs meet different outcomes?
    Thanks for your feedback.


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