• I welcome the addition of Bikeability Plus to the solutions we can offer schools and parents but the fact that its taking away funding from Bikeability budget means that its might be "an either or" rather than "also" conversation.
    We are being asked to do a lot of Plus type activities already for the same reward as previously earnt for L1 & L2 delivery, this will put even more pressure on us to deliver more and more for the same or less.
    We do not cut corners when training children in important road safety, and want to ensure delivery is fun and not rushed, would have been better to invest £55m in bikeability & Bikeability Plus not rob Peter to pay Paul

  • Yes I have to agree with the points made here. The freezing of the funding was bad enough given increasing school rolls, so taking away 10% of the L1-L2 funding is not a good news story. We're just being asked to do more with the same money.


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