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    I thought that would work too David - ticking the bit on the certificate that was where they got to, but if you look at it, it is too general to do that meaningfully - it doesn't spell it out enough to make it easy to state where the trainee has got to. The certificates aren't as clear as the previous idea of writing the number of the outcome reached and a list of the numbers and outcome descriptions on the reverse of the certificate in my view. Important to try to find a way forward with the certs and badges that seems to give out the right message and sits well with progressive, positive, trainee led etc. I wonder what we can do for the best?

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    Hi all, I m Pauline, working in Leighton Buzzard with Cycle4Life delivering Bikeability around schools in a wide radius, and working as an NSIT for British Cycling and for CTC. Done training work all my adult life and really enjoying bringing together communication, rights and responsibilities plus a practical fast, fun, free way of travelling all in one course - Citizenship in a nutshell. Been doing NS training since 2004, trained with CTUK - very inspiring!

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    I agree with you Ken and take the points that David is making too - would be great to talk about other possibilities when training up new Instructors - if people seem very "lycra based" for want of a better phrase, we need to make the points that ordinary wear is ok too and bikes with fewer gears also OK - schools turn up with such a myriad of bikes and clothing - it is a good learning space.
    REally important to encourage club riders to behave as part of the traffic, in my view, as this will help everyone in the longer run.

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    Will there be any sort of written list of "ACTIONS" or "ideas" or "things to look out for" from this meeting? It would be good to share with those who didn't go, who will continue to be training new instructors. I am amazed at how many sports based people are coming through to train - excellent coaching skills which transfer well to the positive side of NS training. I wonder whether some of them are not so aware of encouraging riding as a form of transport rather than signposting people onwards to sports related cycling (which is fine, and another good outcome of NS, but I am still keen to get people to ride about on their bikes as a form of general fitness, happiness, transport and other types of life-wealthiness!) .....