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    Conclusion: It was agreed at the ITO Group meeting that best practice when appropriate is a straight-arm Left signal.
    This will be added to the delivery guide when it is updated.

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    Signal for stopping?

    The National Standard makes provision for a discretionary signal before stopping...

    Where the road is very narrow and overtaking is difficult they should
    slow down gradually, where possible having first made eye contact
    with any close following driver/rider and signal if appropriate.

    However, what that signal should be seems to be a grey area - the methods I've come across are:

    1. Highway Code / Tales of the Road style 'flappy arm'
      2.Full Left Signal
      3.Left&Down signal (point at kerb)
      4.No signal at all - concentrate on eye contact with following driver/rider

    During recent SUD training, lorry drivers told us that they appreciated seeing a stop signal from cyclists, but it would be better if it was standardised. So, can this grey area in the National Standard be resolved?

    My personal preference is for the left & down signal which seems to be established within groups I ride with, but I'm sure there will be other opinions and practices elsewhere!

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    The policy does seem odd to me when all other aspects of Bikeability are strongly outcome based?

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    Welcome to the forum user6719!
    This was discussed in a workshop at the conference last year; I think the concern was that until all schemes have been QA'd it would give an unfair PR advantage to a scheme with a good score compared to a scheme that had not yet been visited, even though they may be equally good.
    Can anyone else recall that discussion?

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    Hi Jacqui, well done for getting Bristol's Mayor cycling!

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    Great to meet you all!

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    I agree with the example above, it makes the training more realistic and creates more riding time. If the trainees struggle to achieve the outcomes successfully, break it down a bit.

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    Hello Everyone,
    I couldn't find an existing thread for introductions so I thought I'd dive right in and create one...

    I live in Essex and work as a Bikeability instructor and instructor-trainer, and no, I don't have an orange tan or drive a capri ;-)