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    Certainly scrap the 'You should wear a cycle helmet'

    My bugbear at the moment is that cyclists are not treated as vehicles. The police expect us to obey the law but do not treat us thr same way as other vehicles. (See the fact that Andrew Mitchell was expected to get off his vehicle before using the vehicle entrance to Downing street). Drivers do not treat us as vehicles, they do not give us the room a vehicle requires. The law needs clarifying in this respect, The Highway Code may not be the place to do so.

    Rule 59, innaproporaite, certainly the word 'Should' should be removed.

    Rule 60. Amber pedal reflectors? remove it, it is unenforceable.

    Rule 61. Are we a vehicle? or are we not. 'If using infrastructure will make your journey safer then you might consider them as options'

    Rules 68 and 69. If a cycle is a legal vehicle, are these neccessary?

    Rule 71, Scrap it. stopping cyclists going over the stop line is unenforceable and possibly dangerous.

    Add something about lorries and highsided vehicles

    Add something about undertaking any vehicle.

    Rule 163. Add, if you are on a bike make sure you look behind before overtaking.

    Rule 165. Interesting about overtaking on double white lines. Can we emphasise that bikes tend to go faster than 10 mph.

    Signals. please remove the slowing down signal.

    Rule 178. Cyclists hould be allowed to cross the white line if it makes their journey safer. This is especially true if you are in front of a high lorry.

    I think that's it.

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    The real wins in getting children to ride to school, is joining up training with other iniatives, such as, user groups, school champions, bike clubs in schols, and making these iniatives national.

    Quite often teachers (or heads) are barriers too. there needs to be a concneted campaign to bring them on board.

    Sometimes coecion, such as you cannot park your car within 100 metres of the school helps too.