Administration of Bikeability

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  • An issue raised at the TABS conference: Giving of badges and certificates is not consistent throughout the schemes and needs to be addressed.

  • could this be part of the QA process?

  • The current Bikeability certificates are misleading. Although it says 'has attended' it needs to give a choice which you tick. Instructors would have to choose between either 'has attended' or 'has achieved all the Bikeability outcomes to be awarded Level 2' (or whatever level). It is then quite clear whether the trainee has achieved the level or not. Alternatively there could be 2 certificates. One for attendance for those who don't achieve all the outcomes and one for those who do. There are still instructors out there who think you have to give the badge and certificate following a course. It should be compared to swimming. If you can't swim a length correctly you stay in that class until you do. You cannot get the certificate until you are ready to leave the class.

  • Yes, agreed. A mini list of points 2.1 up e.g for level 2 would be good,
    showing the level reached during the training.
    at present I copy the whole N.S outcomes and give all trainees a copy of where they achieved up to. Having it on certs would be easier.

  • Interesting Isobel.
    I have just received my sample pack from Steer Gleaves? and I have a similar query. The second para. on "The Bikeability Awards Materials" notes card states that - "a candidate must receive a certificate for participation in training", -- even though they might not have achieved those criteria. I am talking about L2 in Primary schools now. (Please read wording on new cert.)
    I personally award neither a certificate NOR a badge for L2 if they have not achieved ALL at level 2.
    Your thoughts please everyone!

  • to avoid the pass/ fail dichotomy of the the happily defunct C.P, (say it quietly)
    I reiterate above point- if the trainee has attended the whole course, give them a certificate that reflects what you have witnessed as observable outcomes, and inform them there is always more to learn.

    Would like to see this online community come alive to evidence the latest news from Bikeability world.

  • We currently only issue a certificate and badge on successful completion of the outcomes. I feel to do otherwise could be misleading for parents in deciding whether the child has sufficient on road skills to start cycling to school.

  • We also only give out a cert and badge to a rider on succesful completion of a level.
    If they take part in the L2 and did not achieve all the outcomes, we give them the L1 badge and cert, explaining why they didn't get L2 and also explain on back of cert what area/s they need to improve on.
    Both the new and old certs do nothing to promote the L3 course either.

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Administration of Bikeability

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