• My personal view (not necessarily my company's) is that some outcomes can be delivered combined and in many cases I adopt that approach due to the mere nature of the area I am training in. For example Starting and Finishing an on road journey AND Passing a parked car. In many of my risk assessed areas for training I'd be hard pressed to find a road without parked cars so I found I had no choice but to combine those two outcomes to achieve anything!! Having done this numerous times now and shared with my colleagues many of us adopt this approach allowing the customer to receive a more realistic approach to their journeys and making it feel like a flowing training session rather than continual stop/start approach.

  • I agree with the example above, it makes the training more realistic and creates more riding time. If the trainees struggle to achieve the outcomes successfully, break it down a bit.

  • depends on the ability of trainees. I suppose the long theory discussion that could result from joined up outcomes should be avoided by demonstrating rather than talking

  • I agree it does depend on ability, but it is an integral part of our course to allow trainees to join up outcomes at some point, especially in the final session. We allow trainees time towards the end of Level 2 to join up all of the outcomes they have leraned i.e. left minor to major, U-turn, right major to minor and so on. I think this is so imporatnt because it's all about making the course as realistic as possible, as Birdonabike states above. It's also about allowing trainees the time to practice what they have learned!

  • 'Bird on a bikes' example above is a good one! We often do that. Once Trainees can manage each separate drill adequately and depending on ability we often combine drills towards the end of the training.

  • Agree depends on ability but once trainees have managed drills individually we also combine them to give more riding experience. By the 3rd on road session we would expect to be working entirely on circuits with all trainees riding at once, combining several turns to give the trainees lots of practise at making decisions about other road users, priorities and thinking ahead.

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Are outcomes best delivered independently or joined up – a couple of outcomes at one time?

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