• Below are notes from the 2014 conference workshop on this topic.
    Questions, comments?

    Who is responsible for the instructors CPD training? (put to the vote in workshop)
    • What are schemes responsible for? Monitoring, Update standards to instructors,
    • What are ITOs responsible for? Mentoring (PCA), offering CPD, Membership to ITO as part of training.
    Vote Result:
    • ITO 1
    • Bikeability Scheme 3
    • Instructor 5
    • All parties 18

    There was follow up discussion around how much CPD training does an instructor have to have or needs to be offered.

    CPD – Whose job is it to provide this?
    • ITO – Post Course Assessment
    • Bikeability Scheme
    • External providers for things like first aid trainers
    • Other routes not directly linked to cycle training

    The Bikeability Schemes were the most popular option for this. However the topic of who pays for this was very hotly discussed as each scheme operates differently to each other with regards to the finance around a CPD course.

    What CPD do we thing instructors what to further their skill set?

    • More money
    • Positive vehicle management training
    • Level 3 refreshers
    • National Standard update sessions
    • Disability awareness training
    • Nothing
    • Moving groups / snaking training
    • Risk Assessment training
    • Learn to ride delivery techniques
    • First Aid
    • E-Bike Training (electric and electro-assist)
    • Bike Maintenance
    • Level 1 games
    • Highway code updates and awareness
    • Mentor training
    • Balance Bike training

    What CPD training do schemes think instructors should have?
    • Disability awareness training
    • Moving groups / snaking training
    • Positioning refresher training
    • How to teach / save time – 80 /20 balance or 70 / 30 balance
    • Outcomes Alive – How to make them more achievable with trainees
    • Group management
    • How to deal with changing weather conditions and manage groups in poor weather.
    • Ideas forum
    • Central CPD Record for instructors so that scheme and instructor can see what training instructors have completed.
    • Development planning – setting manageable targets for clients
    • 1 to 1 training refreshers

    What do we need to help create professional instructors across the board? (standard ideas for training)

    • Profession instructor training courses – both 2 day and 4 day courses
    • Instructors that want to improve their training delivery and up-skill themselves
    • Buddy systems when new instructors start and sounds more friendly than mentor or senior instructors.
    • Training on how to communicate with different audiences ( child or adult).
    • Wide Skill set amongst teams.
    • Professional ethos – understanding what is expected of them.
    • Media Training or how to deal with situations where photo’s may be taken or quotes used.
    • Child Protection training.


    So how did we / do we create professional instructors?

    • Understand that we can not create perfect instructors as all training situations are different.
    • Joined up thinking. ITOs and Bikeability Schemes talking to each other. Look at what both can offer to each other’s instructors / members. Knowing what instructors want or need in the ever changing environment. Is it updated to Safe Guarding due to new guidance or is it an updates to the national standards workshops?
    • Where can we plug the gaps that there may be in up-skilling instructors?
    • Looking at when having instructors who are members or multiple ITOs or different ITOs across the board can help.
    • Do they work for other schemes that work / operate differently that could help the working practise we / you use?
    • Picking up the phone or sending out an email to other schemes either private, SGO or local authority, to have a dialogue that could help both parties. Think about the national picture, are you doing something amazing that could be shared to benefit all schemes?

    Closing statement
    “Together we are stronger and can achieve a common goal, by closing the door on each other; we heighten the risk of losing the things we have worked so hard to build.”

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Creating the perfect instructor - what role does an ITO play?

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