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  • Went to visit the TRL (with a group of transport experts) today to see the 'Dutch style' roundabout they are testing there and some other things.

    Firstly we saw a lorry fitted with a sensor that picks up a chip fitted to a bike and bleeps to the driver and flashes lights when a cyclists is riding close down the near-side.

    Then we were shown a surreal traffic light junction in the middle of a wood
    They were testing behavior at different types of advance stop box. They are also testing an eye level traffic light designed to riders a 2-5 second start before the lights for drivers go green.

    We then went to have a go on a driving simulator. I had a go. So realistic. They test things like the effect of alcohol and talking on mobiles on drivers (Mobiles are much more distracting than booze it seems) as well looking a how drivers behave around cycle lanes.

    Finally we went to the roundabout. There was a lot of paint.
    They are thinking of putting this at the north end of Lambeth bridge, London. Cyclist have an orbital cycle lane going round the outside of the roundabout and drivers are meant to give way as they enter or leave the roundabout.

    I thought the roundabout was confusing and increased potential conflict with drivers, also the planned location too busy with both bike and motor traffic (which one of the TRL guys also said since these are used in Holland where there is light traffic). TRL will be reporting TFL who will need to decide whether or not to implement this in London.
    More pics


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