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  • If you're fortunate enough to work for a company that provides additional cycle related services, and not just Bikeability, then it's possible to work full time throughout the year. Salary is obviously dependent on qualifications, experience and responsibilities. Freelance Bikeability staff are employed at the behest of the training organisations, and in my experience, lead a pretty precarious existence. Their rate of pay is commensurate with someone who sells lottery tickets from a portacabin, delivers pizzas or waits on tables. There's a glaring disparity in terms of respective responsiblites. In addition, many cycle training organisations operate on a short-term rota basis, which means that freelance staff may not know whether they will be required to work from one week to the next. This makes finding and organizing alternative employment very difficult in many cases. I suggest this is why there is a relatively high turnover of staff; a fact not unknown to those ITOs who supplement their income by drawing down funds for bursaries.


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